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Blackout CAL or Civil War?

Consider: The later the game, the worse the weather.. if the weather is crappy, the blackout is just going to be harder to achieve. Go vote!
  • California - November 15th - Dad's weekend
  • Oregon - November 29th - Civil War
  • Blackout Cal and Orange Out the Ducks!


skrew the whining hippies @ osu 11 November 2008      Mark comment for deletion
do a blackout for ca and orangeout for the ducks...dont let those bastards tell you what to do
christianchicano 15 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
I think it will be awesome to black out CAL and send another ranked team home with their tail between their legs, and as kay-ray stated, with the Oregon fans and their puke green and yellow, our orange will stand out and we can continue our streak of dominance in the Civil War
dip stick 15 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
I love hot dogs! and blacking out!
Doc 15 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
At the civil war game we need to show true beavertism and wear black AND orange. Because they'll be wearing yellow AND green. Civil war game is wear every beaver thing you own status
MeLynn 14 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
I think a blackout is best of the Cal game and then Orange out for the Civil War!
Caitlin 14 October 2008      Comment marked for deletion
Orange is totally better for the Oregon game.
Noah 14 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
Both Games!!!
Rachel 14 October 2008      Mark comment for deletion
black out both games
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Created: 14.10.2008
Votes: 538
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